Weekly Recap featuring some books, a health kick, and a blast from the past

I’m experimenting a little with doing a post every Sunday highlighting my week, both bookish a happenings and every day life. It’s my hope that I can recap any fun things that might have happened in my life, add links to cool blogs posts or book news I found throughout the week, talk a little bit about books I may have acquired, and maybe throw in some reading challenge updates. So, welcome to the first weekly recap!

the-hunger-games-movie-posterSunday was a terrific day for three reasons:
1. My boyfriend came home from his parents’ house.
2. We went to see The Hunger Games, which I loved. Ben thought it was too long.
3. I found some cool stuff at 2nd and Charles.

So week before last, Ben was a huge sweetheart and got me some stuff to commemorate the three years we’ve been dating. When he gave me the Rave gift card, he said I had to wait until he got back so he could go with me. I was like “WHAT?!” because he has been swearing he would never go see that movie for months. Well, he went. He was pretty bored throughout most of it. I, however, was absolutely riveted. There were definitely tears when Rue died. Anyway, I’ll talk about the movie more in another post. Just know that I loved it.

DSC05255Before Ben got back, I had some downtime between church and movie time so I decided to drive over to 2nd and Charles and see if I could find anything on my wishlist or take advantage of their audiobook sale. I was in luck! I got The Time Traveler’s Wife in hardcover, which I’ve been looking for since I first read it two years ago. I found some audiobooks I thought I’d try out: The Swan Thieves, The Godfather, and John Lennon. Then I went searching through the entertainment section and found two awesome biographies that I’m so excited about: Mozart and Dylan, two of my favorite musical artists ever.

The only downside was that I didn’t read a single word. I spent the rest of the night getting my blog posts ready for the week.

DSC05256Tuesday I got to leave work a little early. We were having an open house for subcontractors and my desk was turned into the bar so I headed to the library to waste some time before barre class. I walked away with two adorable children’s books that were waiting for pick up and I wandered through the audiobooks and found Leverage by Joshua Cohen, which I’ve been wanting to read for a while. I’m really excited about that and I might try to listen to it quickly after I’m done with Steve Jobs before I move on to my huge pile of review copies. I haven’t forgot about you, Penguin! How could I when my audiobook shelf is full?! Then, when I got home I had a package waiting for me. It’s the antique copy of Bambi that I ordered on Amazon Marketplace a week ago after one of the women in our book club read us a chapter. I was so excited! For some reason, this book is difficult to find in its entirety. Most of the copies out there are dumbed down versions that are more like the Disney cartoon than the original novel.

Wednesday was back to the work and then to barre class. I started using My Fitness Pal and got like 280 calories back for working out and doing some yoga before bed. That’s pretty awesome since I ate two of those delicious square rolls that the catering company brings by. Curse those carbs! That was pretty much half of my day’s calories! It was a pretty monumental day though because I decided I was sick of feeling tired and out of it. There’s only one way to fix that sort of thing: take care of myself. I started by doing a moon salutation last night and setting myself a definite bedtime to make sure I get good rest. And the healthy food I bought… oh goodness!


Friday was yet more work, then boyfriend time. We went to eat Mexican with friends, and when we were leaving we ran into an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in years. He and I also dated for a very short time (awkward). He was amazed to learn that Ben and I have been together for three years and it made me proud. I had one of those moments of wanting to say, “look at much more awesome this guy is than you are/were.” Is that mean? Oh well! I love my boyfriend and there’s a reason we’ve made it three years and plan to stay together.


blogiestaFinally, yesterday I got tons of work done on the blog. There were a lot of Bloggiesta challenge posts that I found really helpful and I’ve even changed a couple of things thanks to those posts. I’m so motivated to work on m blog right now. I’ll probably keep plugging away as much as I can after the Bloggiesta is over. This was kind of full week! Don’t expect all of these posts to be so long. I’m usually pretty boring.


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  1. Thanks for the Bloggiesta love! (I love your theme and blog name.)


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