Don’t Breathe A Word by Holly Cupala

Title: Don’t Breathe a Word
Author: Holly Cupala
Series: N/A
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: January 3, 2012
Length: 304 pages
Format: Paperback ARC
Genres: Fiction, Realistic, Young Adult
Source: Around the World ARC Tours
Purchase: Hardcover | Kindle | NOOK | Kobo
Rating: ★★★★★


Joy Delamere is suffocating…

From asthma, which has nearly claimed her life. From her parents, who will do anything to keep that from happening. From delectably dangerous Asher, who is smothering her from the inside out.

Joy can take his words—tender words, cruel words—until the night they go too far.

Now, Joy will leave everything behind to find the one who has offered his help, a homeless boy called Creed. She will become someone else. She will learn to survive. She will breathe…if only she can get to Creed before it’s too late.

I’ve been really lucky or something because I keep reading these amazing books. Maybe it’s just that I give up on them if they’re not amazing. I don’t know. The bottom line is this book was so good. It floored me. I don’t really know much about Seattle or living on the street, so I can’t really shed any light on how realistic the book was. Still, I think, if nothing else, the book will serve to open the eyes of others to the trials of those who are not so fortunate.

There’s some mystery about why Joy ran away. It’s obvious that it’s because of her boyfriend, but the details come slowly throughout the book. I like the way it’s all revealed. There are glimpses of what happened along the way, but she holds the whole story inside for a long time. The others she squats with have their own stories, stories that Em can’t imagine living. May, Santos, and Creed take her in and teach her how to survive on the streets. She and Creed are kindred spirits. Neither of them grew up on the streets. They’re both running away from things. I think the message is clear, running away doesn’t solve problems.

I’ll go ahead and tell you, the ending is maybe a little too perfect for the book’s subject. I can’t imagine that things work out that well for most people on the streets (although I hate to be so pessimistic). It was the ending I needed though. I needed for things to turn out relatively well. It still got its message across and got me emotionally involved in the characters. I even got a little teary a few times. This one comes highly recommended from me.

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