by Michael Baron
Published 2011 by The Story Plant
290 pages. Paperback.
Rating: 5/5

Ken and Melissa are at the dawn of a magnificent life together. A passionate romance has led them to the doorstep of marriage. While searching for the perfect wedding present for Melissa, Ken stumbles into a mysterious shop. There, he is given an extraordinary opportunity – to look in on Melissa when she was a girl. Ken has always wished he could have known Melissa from the day she was born and this seems like an incredible blessing.

Until he discovers a terrible secret in Melissa’s past, one so awful she has found it impossible to mention to him.
Now Ken has another extraordinary opportunity. He can go back in time and change the horrible event that has left an indelible mark on Melissa. He can free her of this burden – but doing so could change things so completely that they might never meet.

Ken has repeatedly told Melissa that he would do anything for her. But would he truly do anything?

I LOVED this book. Yes, it’s compared to Nicholas Sparks (who I’ve actually never read), and it could be a Hallmark movie, but I don’t care. It was still amazing. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic. There’s nothing quite like an extraordinary love story to get me excited. I’ve already given my copy to my mother so she can read it.

In his interview, Michael said that his books are about his characters, and I can’t agree more. I got so pumped when I read that answer because I love character-driven novels. Ken is a wonderful protagonist. He has such a great voice and he so romantic. It’s obvious within the first few pages that he’s madly in love with Melissa and that she is the center of his universe. He really would do anything for her. Melissa was a little more difficult to connect with. There was a sort of distance to her character, but it mostly had to do with the fact that she’s shown through Ken’s eyes. I also really loved Kate. She won me over pretty quickly.

One thing that makes this book really work is how the magical aspects are incorporated. It’s not cheesy. It’s mysterious. The magic doesn’t make a big deal of itself. It just is. There are never any answers as to how it works, but that’s perfect for the tone of this book. If there were explanations it would be too hokey. As it is, it actually comes off as believable. There is an “all things are possible” feeling, but it doesn’t overwhelm the story. I also love all the mystery surrounding Stephon.

I can’t say too much more without ruining the story. I’ll just say that if you’re into “love conquers all” type of books, than you should pick this one up. It’s a very quick read. It will grab you pretty quickly, and then you’ll have a hard time putting it down. It’s very well done and comes highly recommended from me. I’ll be reading the rest of Michael’s books, as well.

Source: BLB Book Tours
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  1. Yes, Barron was very intelligent in having that "everything is possible feeling." The plot of this book wouldn't work as well with some kind of sci-fi element, I think. Kudos to him.


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