Magnificent Folly

Magnificent Folly
by Iris Johansen
performed by Parker Leventer
Published 2010 by AudioGO
4 hours, 57 minutes. Unabridged.
Rating: 3/5

After a tragic turn of events, Lily Deslin learned the hard way that people are not always what they seem. Now she’s rebuilt her life from scratch, returning to school and nurturing her beloved and talented daughter, Cassie. What she doesn’t know is that her quiet but satisfying life is about to change. At the beach cottage she’s rented for a well-earned vacation, Lily is being watched.

Andrew Ramsey has been waiting for years, and now is the moment to make himself known. If he confesses the truth—a truth that will be all but impossible for Lily to believe—it will shake the foundations of her life and Cassie’s. As Andrew and Lily’s relationship heats up and danger threatens close at hand, how can Andrew admit that he’s been keeping from Lily an even bigger secret—a secret he must reveal to prove himself to be the real-life romantic hero she needs.

Let me start by saying that it was time for a new cover, but why they chose the one they did is beyond me. It doesn’t really match the tone of the book to me. It makes it look like this book is all sex, when sex is only a small part of the book. And even when there is sex, it’s not detailed or explicit. Of course, that could be because the book was written in ’89. I found myself feeling that way about a lot of things. It’s difficult for me to gage language and literature in the 80’s because I’ve read very few books from that period, and I was only two years old so I don’t remember much about it. More on this later.

The short story is that I enjoyed the book, but I have a few tiny complaints. The characters are likable enough, but I never felt like they were well-developed. They’re good for a fluffy romance, but I like my characters to have substance and I never really felt that connected with them. Both Lily and Andrew have strong personalities though, and I think that’s what made me like them enough to invest myself in their story. And Cassie, Lily’s daughter, is just a doll. She’s the cute, full-of-life type of character you just can’t help but love. The romance between Lily and Andrew seems absolutely sudden and it’s development felt a little quick to me. Andrew has this love-at-first-sight story about seeing Lily on campus years ago. It’s a little cliché, but it may not have been in ’89. I definitely blame the time of publication for the cheesy lines that had me rolling my eyes from time to time. Times have most definitely changed. After reading Jaci Burton and Megan Hart, the sex in this book sounds like child’s play. I can’t imagine telling someone I want to “go to bed with them.” People just don’t talk that way anymore. We’re much more vulgar.

Still, I was interested enough to finish. There is some mystery surrounding Andrew that I just needed figure out. That part is a little weird. It’s a little on the paranormal side and I don’t feel like I was given enough time to grow comfortable with it. Some of it felt so fast and I didn’t get the time I needed to process it. Also, some of the elements seemed a little funny to me just because of when it was written. The robot business and the foreign intrigue just seems so late eighties/early nineties. In other words, it was probably appropriate when it was written. I think it’s important to keep in mind the original publication date. Otherwise, some of it seems funnier than it should be. But don’t think I’m hating on this book. I liked it. I needed to see how things worked out; and though there were some cheesy parts, there were some genuinely sweet parts. I could see myself picking up another one of her books.

Parker Leventer did an okay job with this. She has a nice voice and does well making distinctive voices for the other characters, but her speech seemed stilted sometimes. It’s good to enunciate, but it’s better to sound natural. Some parts felt awkward because of the way she delivered the lines. I think if I had been reading it myself, I would have read those parts differently in my head. I recommend this for anyone who want a quick, romantic read with some imagination. It’ll do the job.

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  1. I REALLY dislike the cover but I like Iris Johansen. I think I would read this one even with the under-developed characters.


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