This Haunted World: Dark Matter

This Haunted World: Dark Matter
by Mark Powers, Rahmat Handoko, & Chris Lie
Publication Date: October 31, 2011
Publisher: Sea Lion Books
28 pages. ARC.
Rating: 4/5

This Haunted World sees a world is awash in conflict and suffering. Some believe the Biblical End Times have arrived; others believe a civilization too often driven by greed has simply begun the inevitable process of devouring itself.
 Amid the fear and chaos walks a shadow. In the war-torn hills of Afghanistan, in the tragedy wracked hills of Hiroshima. He is called by many names in many places – and where he walks, he brings death.

Two men – one whose ivory tower has been shattered by scandal, another sprawled on life’s rock bottom – unknowingly hold mankind’s only hope for survival.
 For a war unlike any other is about to be declared – one in which 10,000 years worth of sins and pain come back to haunt us…
 Terrifyingly illustrated, stunning told, This Haunted World will leave you gasping for breath.

I’m a little out of my comfort zone with this review. I don’t have much of experience with comics. I’ve read a ton of manga, but it’s pretty different from graphic novels and I’ve only read a few of those. I’m sure I’ll get used to it after a little while. One thing I do know is that it’s difficult to rate the first issue alone. It’s hard to determine whether or not you like something when it hasn’t developed yet. I’ll do my best, and hopefully I’ll get a knack for it after a few reviews.

I knew going in that this probably wouldn’t be my first choice were I browsing around a book store. Still, I really loved Blank Slate when I read it ages ago, so I thought I give this one a shot. I’m not really into the action sort of thing when it comes to regular books, but for some reason it appeals to me in graphic form. I mean, I was obsessed with Future Diary and it’s mostly action and gore.

I think the important thing that the first chapter of an graphic novel or comic should do is establish the story and grab interest. Good news! That happens. There’s a little mystery as to what is going on and who is behind the attack on the soldiers? The story that Corporal Nunez gives the court isn’t cutting it. They all think he’s crazy. But, like in all good action stories, of course he’s right and none of them can see it. I’m thinking they’ll wish they’d listened by the end. There’s an alternate story with an immigrant who came to the states to study parapsychology. He’s been trying to track down ghosts by visiting recent crime scenes, but the cops aren’t buying that story. When mysterious disaster hits Hiroshima, he decides it’s time to take a Japanese vacation and Nunez is sought out for his information on the Afganistan attack. The cause of the attacks is uncovered with a threat that left me wishing I had the next issue. Alright, guys, you’ve got me. I’ll be checking my email like a fiend for the Sea Lion to offer up the next issue.

It looks like I still like action in my graphic selections.

Source: Publisher

This title will be available at Sea Lion Books October 31, 2011.

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