Changing the Game

Changing the Game
(Play by Play #2)
by Jaci Burton
Published 2011 by Berkley Heat
299 pages. Paperback.
Rating: 4/5

Most people play by the rules. Gavin and Liz aren’t most people….

Win at any cost. That’s always been the mantra of sports agent Liz Darnell. When she carries things too far and risks losing her number-one client, baseball pro Gavin Riley, Liz realizes that she’ll have to work extra innings to win him back. It might not be too much of a stretch. She’s had a thing for this player’s moves since she first laid eyes on him, and by the looks of it, he wants her just as bad.

Gavin’s more than ready—especially when Liz is offering herself as part of the bargain. And as much of her as Gavin wants. For added thrills, he decides to throw a little curve ball Liz’s way to see just how far she’s truly willing to go to keep him as a client. But when love unexpectedly enters the playing field, neither Liz nor Gavin are ready for the biggest game-changer of them all.

After reading The Perfect Play, I was eager to get my hands on Changing the Game. I loved Jaci Burton’s style and the incorporation of sports. At the end of The Perfect Play, everything was set up perfectly to peak my interest in what could happen between Gavin and Elizabeth. It was time to learn more about the other brother, and time to get a closer look at Elizabeth. I really enjoyed Changing the Game, but I have to say I liked The Perfect Play better.

Getting to know Gavin was great, and seeing Mick from a different perspective was definitely interesting. Where Mick was likable and easy to sympathize with in the first book, Gavin has spent a lot of time in his shadow so Mick is suddenly thrown into a different light. Though I liked the first book better, I like Gavin better than Mick. Gavin is more of a “no apologies” bad boy sort of guy. Where Mick was never really the sleeping around type, Gavin makes no secret of his womanizing. It’s not until he gets involved with Elizabeth that being monogamous even crosses his mind. Elizabeth goes through the same kind of thing (minus the womanizing). She’s been happy being alone. Her job has kept her busy, so busy she hasn’t slept with anyone in quite some time. Of course, being in love with Gavin for years probably hasn’t put her in the mood to jump into bed with someone else. Once she ends up in Gavin’s bed, she begins rethinking what would make her truly happy. It’s so nice to see another side to Elizabeth. In The Perfect Play, she was a little antagonistic. Having insight into her mind makes her much easier to like.

I think everything worked pretty well. The development of the relationship made sense. The pacing was good. The sex was written well, but I expected as much after reading the first book. Jaci is an expert at writing sex scenes. I love that she doesn’t play around with ridiculous euphemisms. She tells it like it is. The only thing that threw me off was the whole deal with Mick. I liked him so much in The Perfect Play, but he was such a dick in this book. Then, toward the end there was a total shift of his feelings. It was like a light cut on or something. I understand what happened and why he changed his mind, but it felt really abrupt. Some of the ending was a bit cheesy, but I guess most romance is. Maybe it was just contrary to my mood when I finishing it that made it noticeable. Usually, I don’t mind that sort of thing in romance.

The series is great, and I can’t wait for the next one. I have a feeling I’m going to love Ty and Jenna. Is it February yet? Anyway, I recommend this series and this book to contemporary romance lovers. I can’t wait to read more of Jaci Burton’s books.

This book contains explicit sexual content. 18 and up only, please!

Source: Birmingham Public Library. Birmingham, AL.
Author’s website:
Purchase this book: Penguin | Book Depository | IndieBound

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