Author Interview: Tina Folsom

I’m glad to have Tina Folsom here to talk about her Out of Olympus series

A native of Germany, Tina Folsom immigrated first to England in 1991 and then to the USA in 1999 where she lived in various large cities before she made San Francisco her permanent home.

While writing has always been her passion, the trained CPA knew she had to get a “real” job first. Due to the popularity of her books, Tina was able to quit her day job in February 2010 and now writes full time.

Tina is a member of the San Francisco Romance Writers of America. She also meets regularly with her two critique partners who write historical and paranormal romance.

-taken from  the author’s website

Hi Tina! Welcome to the blog. I’m so excited to have you. I’ve been making my way through your books, and I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read.

Thanks for inviting me. I love doing interviews and going on blog tours, so if there are any readers out there who have book blogs they want me to appear on, I’d love to.

How and when did you first get into writing? Did you ever write anything other than romance?

I wrote first mystery at age 13. It was awful. Later, in my thirties I learned screenwriting, but while it was a great foundation, it wasn’t quite what I wanted. Only when I re-discovered romance, did things finally click into place. Now I can’t imagine writing anything else than romance.

I’m such a fan of the Out of Olympus series you’ve written. A Touch of Greek was one of the first romances I ever read and it really won me over to the genre. I was never up on Greek mythology either, but I’ve been completely sucked into this series. What gave you the idea to write about Greek gods?

I love mythology. And Greek history was actually the only part of my history classes that I enjoyed (together with the Romans). I found it fascinating. So when I looked around to see if anybody had written any Greek God romances that were set in modern times, I only found a few, and frankly, I didn’t like any of them much at all. So, I set out to write my own. I think Greek gods are the ultimate Alpha males. They have power, beauty, and are rich beyond belief. It’s so totally Harlequin!

That’s for sure! The men in both books are philanderers that have a change of heart when they meet the women they fall in love with. Do you believe that love can change people?

Yes and no. In fiction of course, it’s an absolute given that the man will change once he meets the right woman. In reality, after going out with plenty of bad boys in my youth, I have to tell you, it never works. Men don’t change. You either love them the way they are, or you don’t. Don’t think he’ll change, or you’ll only be disappointed. Sorry to burst everybody’s bubble here. But that’s why we read romance, right?

I’m still so torn about which story I like more, Triton’s or Dio’s. This will probably feel like trying to choose between your children, but which is your favorite? Did you enjoy writing one more than the other?

Tina: I must say that I prefer Dio. Somehow, because he’s a bit more of a bad boy than Triton, I enjoyed writing his story more. Also, it generally takes me a book or two to really get into a new series and form the characters to my liking.

You wrote a note at the end of the book referencing the myth of Dionysus and how he falls in love with a mortal named Ariadne. Is there any kind of connection between the myths and Triton and Sophia?

Triton and Sophia’s story is a total fabrication. Triton actually never had a wife. He did have an adopted daugther but no other family. And when you see him depicted in mythology books, he’s always shown as a man half fish, half human, with a full beard. I like my Triton better!

Me too! He sounds much sexier. I’m loving the covers, especially the cover of A Touch of Greek. Did you choose the photos and design the covers yourself?

I normally choose the photos myself, but then hand things over to my cover artist, Elaina Lee from For the Muse Designs. She then puts it all together and makes my covers look great!

I only finished A Scent of Greek two weeks ago and I already want more of this series. Which Olympian will be the next to fall in love? Please say Hermes!

Frankly, I don’t know. Since I’m currently working on book #5 of the Scanguards Vampires series and plan on getting both a contemporary romance as well as the next Venice Vampyr out in the next few months, I haven’t had time to think about which of the gods is next. I guess, I’m a little nervous about it too, since Dio will be a hard one to follow. Reviews for his book are overwhelmingly postive, more so than for Triton, so how do I top that?

Sounds like I need to get to reading the Scanguards Vampires series before I fall too far behind! Thanks so much for answering my questions. I can’t wait to read more of your writing. Maybe I can have you back some time to talk about another of your book series.

Love to!

To learn more about Tina and her books visit her website.

Read my thoughts on A Touch of Greek and A Scent of Greek.

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