A Lily Among Thorns

A Lily Among Thorns
by Rose Lerner
Published 2011 by Dorchester Publishing
317 pages. ARC.
Rating: 3/5

It was him. Serena couldn’t breathe. She’d been looking for him for years—the man who’d lifted her out of the dregs of London’s underworld. She remembered that he’d looked like an angel. But either she’d embellished or he’d grown up. Because he didn’t look like an angel now. He looked like a man, solid and broad, and taller than she’d thought. And now he needed her help.

Solomon recognized her as soon as they were alone in the dark. He’d not forgotten that night five years ago either. But Serena had changed. She was stronger, fiercely independent and, though it hardly seemed possible, even more beautiful. She was also neck-deep in trouble. Yet he’d help cook a feast for the Prince Regent, take on a ring of spies, love her well into the night—anything to convince her that this time he was here to stay.

There were things I liked and things I didn’t like. I’ll begin with what I did like.

Solomon. He is one of my favorite characters ever. He’s so precious with his wacky interest in chemistry and matching colors. He spends the entire book trying to find a color to match Serena’s eyes. I also love how he surprises Serena constantly with curiosity about the men she’s been with, because he wants to know about their stays. Or his horror at some of the waistcoats men wear. He cracks me up constantly in this book. I love all the little things about him that Serena falls in love with. He’s just amazing. I wouldn’t say he holds the weight of the book, but he holds a lot of it.

The truth about Elijah. I was pretty surprised when the truth about Elijah (Solomon’s twin brother) came to light. I was also glad. I loved Elijah. There wasn’t nearly enough of him in the book and he was a pretty complicated character.

The things I didn’t like so much…

Serena. Okay, so that’s not totally true. I did like Serena. I thought she was even a great character sometimes. She was just so stubborn, and I hate that. I hate watching a woman ignore what’s right in front of her because she thinks things will be better that way. They’re never better that way. It makes everyone miserable, including this reader. I was so annoyed every time she shut Solomon down. It took almost all 317 pages for her to get herself together and admit how she felt. Though, I have to say that was one of the sweetest speeches ever. For the most part though, she drove me insane.

It was pretty slow. I’m not saying that there are things I’d cut out. It just wasn’t as fast paced as I wanted it to be. It didn’t really pick up until about 210 pages in, and that’s a long time for a 317 page book. I really like things to take off in the beginning. But if they don’t, I like for them to pick up within the first seventy or so pages. It took me far too long to get invested in this one. Still, if you like historical romances and a to-die-for guy, you should consider picking this one up.

This book contains detailed sexual content. I suggest 18 and up.

Source: NetGalley
Author’s website: http://www.roselerner.com/
Purchase this book: Dorchester | Book Depository | IndieBound

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  1. for the record, you should try Rose's first book In For A Penny – I think it is a MUCH better book! I think her strong point is characterization (whether the people are completely likable or not), but the plot of the first book is much stronger than this one 🙂

  2. I think I marked that to-read when I was reviewing this one on Goodreads. I definitely liked this one enough to try another of her books.


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