Hello everyone!

I just wanted to give a few updates.

First of all, I gave my senior voice recital last Thursday and everything went really well. Here’s a picture of my awesome dress and hair. I felt like Cinderella. And just to clarify: I was not wearing a bump-it. That is my hair (well, was my hair since I just chopped it all off). There was much debate about that on the night. Anyway, it was an awesome night and I’m kind of sad it went by so quickly. I hope I get to do something like that again.

DraculaSecondly, I’m slowly trudging through Bram Stoker’s Dracula. For the first time I’m wondering if I might have enjoyed an abridged version of this one. This is one of those classics that I feel like I need to read at least once. I’m somewhere around half way through this book. Though it can be really exciting sometimes, it had a really slow start. I feel like I just got to the real bulk of the story. I just have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t my normal genre. It’s nice to know where all those popular vampire books started though. I think I’ll get this one finished before the week is up.

Cleopatra: A LifeCleopatra has been slow going, not because it’s a slow book. I’ve just had it in my car and sometimes I ride with my mother or Ben is in the car with me and he refuses to let me listen to my books when he’s with me. It’s been interesting and I’m excited that I’m actually enjoying nonfiction. I have a few more nonfiction books on my shelf and this gives me hope that I might get through them eventually too! I’m probably 2/3 of the way through this one. I don’t think I’ll finish it this week. Like I said, it depends on riding and driving situations.

A Walk in the SnarkCome back tomorrow! I’m going to review A Walk in the Snark by Rachel Thompson, who is just hilarious. Tomorrow is her day as Best Seller for a Day, so be sure to drop by Amazon and grab a copy of her collection of articles on the relationships between men and women.

That’s all for today! I’m supposed to be working on my senior project right now! Off to find some opera scores!

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  1. How fun! You look like Cinderella. Beautiful. Congratulations!!

  2. WOW you look amazing!!! That dress is simply beautiful and congrats for that night!Dracula and I just aren't getting along I felt like I should read it just to say since I'm a vamp fan that I've read the original vamp story but ugh I couldn't get through it. I moved on to The Picture of Dorian Gray in hopes it will help me through my non-reading classic's phase of life LOL.

  3. Aw you look gorgeous :)I have Dracula on my shelf, but I cannot get around to reading it. I know it will feel like repeatedly hitting myself in the face with a shovel >.<

  4. Beautiful picture =)


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