Fruits Basket, Volume 10

Fruits Basket (Volume #10)
by Natsuki Takaya
Published 2005 by Tokyopop
187 pages. Paperback.
Rating: 4/5

Tohru and the Sohmas spend time at the Sohma’s summerhouse. alas, it’s not all fun in the sun on this little trip. Akito pays a surprise visit, causing a commotion for the rest of the family. Shigure takes a stroll down memory lane with an old friend, remember the days when Hatori wasn’t so aloof. Meanwhile, Tohru begins to wonder: What must life be like for the loved ones of a cursed member of the Sohma family? Can life with this family truly be happy while bearing such a burden?

It’s all fun in the sun at the summerhouse when this volume begins. There’s some adorable talk between Tohru and all the boys. Yuki even compliments her swimsuit (wink, wink). It’s hilarious the way she has them wrapped around her finger and doesn’t even know it. There’s more complaining from the most annoying kid in the world. You guessed it! Hiro Sohma. I’m so glad Kisa is there to shut him up some of the time.

Shigure proves himself to be a conniving ass, yet again. He meddles in Hatori’s life, bringing up the past. A past I’m sure Hatori would love to forget. Then, he convinces Akito to come to the summerhouse. That’s just great since everyone loves Akito so much. Akito manages to say some nasty things to Yuki and alienate another member of the Sohma family, the guy Uo met in the last volume. I’m ready to find out who this guy is.

Yuki has a couple of conversations with Tohru. He tells her he wants to open up to her and let go of all his fears. They share a tender moment. It’s cute and so obvious that he’s in love with her. Of course, Tohru is oblivious to everything so she doesn’t notice. After his run-in with Akito, he’s totally fine. He doesn’t let it get to him and he thanks Tohru for bearing with him through all his pain.

This was a decent volume. There’s plenty going on in the Sohma family right now, but I felt like a lot of the material was filler. The whole section about Hatori was pretty unnecessary. I’m ready for the next one. I hope it there will be a little more going on.

Source: Emmet O’Neal Library. Mountain Brook, AL.
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  1. I remember this series! I loved the ending and if your a super fan of this series I'm sure you'll love it too! Ga! I need to reread this one day…


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